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  • Added by: blackbox @ 19 Jan 2010 21:07
    Biggest Myths About Sports Psychology
    Not many people are familiar with sports psychology. Sure, they can probably explain a thing or two when they're asked on the spot, but for those who are not much of an aficionado, there are actually ideas that don't necessarily apply. As with athletes, many of them also buy into so many false beliefs that this actually prevents them from appreciating its true value. Below is a list of wrong assumptions that people make about it: "I don't need to read up on books mental training. My skills are innate and I don't need any book or person telling me what to do." As ridiculous as that statement may sound, there are actually athletes who go by this very belief. You sometimes rely on your God-given talent and not much of anything else. How you can come up with this conclusion is just ridiculous because athletes are still human beings limited by their narrow view of the world. Training and competitions can take its toll on you, and you need to refresh yourself to keep that go-getter in you alive and kicking. "I can only improve myself with practice." Half of the sport is with the mind. As strong as your body is, you won't be able to achieve much if you're psychologically and emotionally drained. The life of an athlete is a lot more demanding. There are just too many people staking their claim on you. This, coupled with the long and tedious hours of workout, won't help with your balance. It's all about the willingness to make a few tweaks in the mind s ...

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